Forum play “However” at Korydallos

The Activist Group of Theatre of the Oppressed present

the forum theater performance “However?”

on working rights



Thursday, April 6 at 7pm

1st SBS (Second Chance School) Korydallos

23 Macedonia and Peloponnese, Korydallos

Free entrance


Forum play “How much ? ” at Chalandri

The African Women United and Activist Group of Theatre of the Oppressed present

the forum theater performance “How much?”

on human trafficking



Sunday, January 15 7 pm-9pm

at the Youth Center of Halandri Municipality

(Antigonis St. and Danaidon St. corner, Metro Nomismatokopio)

free entrance

TOgether- tribute to Theatre of the Oppressed

TOgether- tribute to Theatre of the Oppressed

Athens-Chalandri-Nafplio 16-21 June 2015



The international network TΟgether and the performance Hotel Europa,being art directed by Barbara Santos
for the first time in Athens for 2 unique forum performances with  a free entrance, workshops,discussions!

The Halandri Municipality under the festival “Voices of Freedom”, the National Network for Theater in Education  and TO Activist Group,  in collaboration with the Department of Theatre of University Of Peloponnese and Foundation Michael Cacoyannis organise the week-tribute to Theater of the Oppressed having as a guest the international network TOgether and the performance  Hotel Europa.

The performance Hotel Europa,after a big tour around Europe,will be staged with a free entrance for the first time in Greece at Rematia Theatre(16/6/15) and the Free and Self-Managed Theater EMPROS(17/6/15). At the same time, the members of the team will give a workshop for Theater of the Oppressed(19-20/6/2015) at the youth center of Halandri Municipality,applying here.Also, a round table/open discussion will be organised (18/6/15 at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation) with the subject “City,Active citizenship and Theater of the Oppressed” and another one at Theater Department of University of Peloponnese,Room “L.Tasopoulou”,Nafplio(21/6/15  15:30) with the topic “Theater of the Oppressed:Challenges and Implementations”. Under the same tribute-week,the TO Activist Team will present her last performance “However…”(20/6/15) with free entrance at the youth center of Municipality of Ηalandri.


In TOgether network participating university departments, national theaters, festivals, theatrical organizations and distinguished animators social theater from Germany (Kuringa), Italy (University of Bologna and Krila TDO), Portugal (GTO LX), Croatia (Istrian National Theatre – City Theatre Pula& Pula-Forum Festival), Spain / Catalonia (Pallapupas), France (Pas a Passo) and Scotland (Active Inquiry). Artistic director and coordinator of the program is internationally famous Brazilian animator and actor Barbara Santos, which operates in Germany (Kuringa) and Brazil (GTO Rio).

At the heart of the search for the international team of jokers is exploring the ideologies and the causes behind the socioeconomic crisis and seeking proposals for European coexistence. Consistent with the above is the group’s will to contribute with years of international experience in the effort of Greek society to recover with the prospect of a democratic, active and participatory citizenship using theater as a tool.

Forum Play “No to racism from birth”

The activist group Theatre of the Oppressed and the Association of African Women exhibit participatory theater Forum

“No to racism from the birth

Collage Afrikanes Outopia

A play about  people who were born in Greece but still don’t have legal documents because their parents where immigrants.

Monday, June 1st 6pm 8pm

Technopolis (Gazi), Gallery “Tank Cleaning

under the first Multicultural Festival «I HAVE A DREAM: UNITED SECOND GENERATION

Free entrance

New performance!

The antifascist initiative of Chalandri “Sviste tous” and Theatre of the oppressed activist group,with the support of Municipality of Chalandri, present:

The participatory forum theatre : “Small scenes of everyday violence II … “

on Sunday 26th of April at Chalandri’s Youth Center

(Danaidon and Antigonis,Chalandri,Nomismatokopio)

The play will focus on the issue of Roma people in Nomismatokopio region.

Free entrance

Bárbara Santos 2-7 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Για πρώτη φορά έρχεται στην Ελλάδα η Bárbara Santos, μια από τις σημαντικότερες εκπαιδεύτριες του Θεάτρου του Καταπιεσμένου (με ειδίκευση στις τεχνικές Θέατρο Φόρουμ, Νομοθετικό Θέατρο, Αισθητική του Καταπιεσμένου, κλπ.), και επί χρόνια στενή συνεργάτις και συνεχίστρια του έργου του Augusto Boal, καλεσμένη από την Ακτιβιστική Ομάδα ΘτΚ και το Πανελλήνιο Δίκτυο για το Θέατρο στην Εκπαίδευση για ένα MasterClass/Σεμινάριο. Παράλληλα, θα πραγματοποιηθούν κι άλλες εκδηλώσεις με την Bárbara Santos, ανοιχτή διάλεξη, προβολή ταινιών, συζήτηση και παραστάσεις, με τη διοργάνωση άλλων φορέων.

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Για δηλώσεις συμμετοχής, δείτε εδώ.

Για πληροφορίες σχετικά με τις άλλες εκδηλώσεις δείτε εδώ.